At Kismet we are committed to complete transparency about our pricing because we like to know what we are paying for and believe you all deserve that same respect! This page explains how to classify services and their approximate pricing. For more questions on my pricing check out the FAQ section. 

Traditional Lightening

A lot of places want to use all the fancy technical words (balayage, full or partial highlights, foilayage, babylights, teasylights, etc.) to charge you a bigger price tag on whatever the current trend is. The problem with charging by technique is that it's limiting! I hate limits and usually combine at least 3 techniques on every lighting service. Toner, top quality products and bond builder are also built into the service price to keep your hair it's healthiest and enhance service longevity. My price includes styling and slides between $165-$185 depending on the level of intricacy demanded to acheive the desired result. 

Dimensional Haircolor

Dimensional Haircolor is defined as anytime you decide to do something that includes lightening and darkening to achieve a more multi tonal result. In old terminology this would resemble a highlight/lowlight type service or root coloring with highlights, but as described in the lightening category the techniques are key and can vary greatly from person to person. Dimensional hair color also includes styling and ranges in cost from $200-$250 depending on the level of intricacy demanded to achieve the desired result.

Vivid Haircolor

Everyone loves rainbow hair and bright vivid colors! They are beautiful but they do require more skill and timing than almost any other service because they combine lengthy lightening and full pigmented colors that must be applied precisely. Pricing includes styling and bond builder throughout to keep the integrity of the hair and create the most holding power for these highly pigmented colors. The price to maintain these colors is between $200-$300 an appointment but if you aren't starting as a prelightened blonde, you will most likely require a color correction appointment first to prep the hair, as only extremely light hair will fully saturate with these types of pigments. 


For too long haircuts have been classified as mens, womens, or childrens ... I don't care how you identify or how old you are, what matters to me is how long the service takes. So I'm changing the way I'm doing things and going with a simpler more inclusive format. Your hair is either above your chin or below. This makes it more fair for everyone!

Haircuts above the chin with blowdry styling are $45

Haircuts below the chin with blowdry styling are $65

Without blowdry styling minus $20 


Hair styling for events from Bridal to Prom to Photo shoots is all based on time. The same exact service, such as an updo, can vary greatly based on the style desired and the type of hair the client has to hold the type of style requested. In salon pricing is $100/hr and most services are provided in about 45 minutes.

On Location

On location services including hair for weddings, photo shoots and events start at $125/hr if provided within an hour of the salon location. If further pricing will be provided on a case by case basis determined by travel time and method. 

Hair color corrections/overhauls

There is no greater accomplisment or greater satisfaction than seeing the before and after of a major color fix or change. What you don't often see is the 3+ hours of seriously intense work and attention to detail these kind of color changes are accompanied by, not to mention the years of education, practice, mastery, and continued education on products that I have dedicated myself to throughout my over 15 year career. These sevices are priced at $125/hr and for most clients cannot be quoted to an exact dollar because it is over those years that we have learned you cannot rush the process, cut corners, or determine through magic powers what the hair is going to do without actually doing it. Services are usually deemed corrective when fixing an obvious flaw that requires my level of skill, product and experience or any service that lasts longer than 4 hours.

Maintenance Hair color

Maintaining hair color at the root is a never ending job, luckily for me! This service includes bond builder for health and longevity as well as a continuous open communication of whether you would like to keep what you have or gently transition to a different color or tone. Keeping up with color new growth without any drastic change is the least time consuming appointment and therefor less expense. A root touch up with hair color is $100 including styling. Without styling minus $25.


-All hourly appointments require a deposit to cover the first hour of services that will be applied to the appointments final total. 

-Cancellations made less than 48 hours from appointment time will require a 3 week wait before the next appointment. 

-All cancellations made within 48 hours are subject to a cancellation fee tbd based on services booked on a case by case basis.

-Any no call, no shows, will not be rebooked.  

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Complimentary consultations can be made via text or email and are mandatory before any chemical services. Please contact me for any questions or to set up a consult and please contact in advance for the most flexible availability.

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